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Carbon Fiber Fabric

Carbon fabrics has high-elasticity and high tensile strength with light weight. With impregnating carbon fabric with resin, it is widely used in the thermal system of missile nozzle, projectile, aerospace materials, automobiles, sporting goods, leisure, construction / public works.
Style Weave Thickness
Thread Count
Warp Fill Warp Fill
KN #C100 Plain 0.24




KN #C120 Plain 0.23 190 12 12 3K 3K
KN #C125 Plain 0.23 200 12.5 12.5 3K 3K
KN #C331 8H Satin 0.20 220 14 14 3K 3K
KN #C332 8H Satin 0.31 300 19 19 3K 3K
KN #C333 8H Satin 0.37 400 25 25 3K 3K

Carbon spreading tow and carbon spreading tow fabric

Spread the bundle of carbon fiber and make tape(carbon spreading tow) and weave fabric with carbon spreading tow(carbon spreading tow fabric)

what is spreading ?
make the bundle of carbon fiber used for a carbon fiber composite material with wide width and thin staus

lower gravity compared with metal(1.7~2.0) higher strength(3000MPa - 6000MPa) superior damping earthquake low heat expansion coefficient good heat conductivity and dimension stability superior chemical resistance good electromagnetic wave resistance Good X-ray penetrability

spreading tow fabric
Weave fabric wih carbon spreading tow . As weaved thinner than traditional carbon fabric, it has improved formability(resin impregnation) and physical properties
item grade width weight
medium 24mm
KGF-080W20 general 20mm 80g/㎡
KGF-100W16 general 16mm 100g/㎡