Filter Bag

As Glassfiber filterbag has high temperature resistance and good chemical resistance and superior dedusting, it is used in various industrial fields. Type of bag: Glassfiber, PPS fiber, PTFE fiber, PE fiber, PP fiber
Reverse type ( Use for Carbon Black & Steel )
Pulse jet type (use for incinerator, dust collector for stone, medical, chemical, powder)
- Type of fiber : Polyimide - Fiber, Glass - Fiber, PTFE - Fiber, PPS - Fiber, PE - Fiber, PP - Fiber
Cartridge Bag
Cartridge Bag has higher efficiency of filtration 2-3 times than normal filterbag Type of fiber: Glass - Fiber, PPS - Fiber, PE - Fiber, PP - Fiber, Polyimide- fiber
- Length: Max. 2,000mm