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Holding Technology

Developed Prepreg for aerospace raw material
Developed glass fiber fabric for PCB
Developed glass fiber fabric for dry vit used in building finishing reinforcement material
Developed the carbon/phenol prepreg as the launcher refrector material
Developed the chopped strand yarn for abrasive wheel
Developed fabric for ship roving, fishing rod, golf shaft, carbon UD
Developed Acid resistant coating technique
Developed High Temperature resistant coating technique
Developed Nano ceramic coating technique
Developed Weaving method and coating technique for super material fusin filterbag


Injection safety shoes toecap and it's producing method
Testing facility for knife-proof material(horisontal)
Testing facility for knife-proof material(vertical)
Testing facility for bullet-proof material(horisontal)
Testing facility for bullet-proof material(vertical)
Manufacturing method for super material fusion filterbag having folding endurance and chemical resistance