HOME R&D Center Introduction


Development of composite material for heat resistance and special material

We are developing filteration fabric and silica fabric and specially coated high temperature resistant fabric with heat resistant & special material. And supplying to the site of steel works, heavy industry, generator, general industry and architecture market. Also, composite material for automobile, train and aerospace which needs weight lightening is under developing.

Development of electricity & electronic material

According to the development of IT related industry such as electricity, electronic, computer and mobile phone, it has been under developing from electricity insulation yarn to prepreg fabric.

High performance industrial coating and processing

Besides PTFE, silicone, PVC coating, according to the diversity of industry, natural mineral coating and high performance functional coating has been developed.

Development of thermo plastic prepreg

By using recycling thermo plastic resin, develop LFT, UD prepreg, fabric and moulded articles and replaced with eco-freindly material.

Carbon Fiber Application

Develop carbon fabric by using carbon fiber, spreading tow fabric & CFRP moulded articles.